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Having performed debris operations  across the southeastern United States  for over 15 years, We takes pride in bringing innovation and professionalism to each project undertaken.

We’ve consistently demonstrated an ability to both self-perform work immediately and engage a network of subcontracting partners. This unique ability means that no matter the location or size of an event, we can respond immediately and effectively 


Our vast experience in providing emergency housing, temporary shelter, life support and logistical services began in 2005 in Jackson County MS. 

We hauled, installed and made ready 3000 FEMA units for displaced victims.

​In addition Dragonfly built 7 mobile homes parks including utilities.

During the aftermath of the earthquakes in Haiti we designed 2 1000 man base camps at the request of the American Red Cross and the footprint is still in use today. 

Winter Storms

 We responded to the South Carolina Ice Storm with 40 bucket trucks and 20 self loaders. 

Having the resources and relationships to meet the necessary requirements is what puts us at the top of the activation list.

The ability to mobilize in the required amount of time doesn't start the day the storm hits, it starts by tracking the storm days in advance. With over 15 years experience in Emergency Response Services,

 We are the right choice.  

just a few projects that we have played a major role in.

South Carolina Ice Storm


We provide 40 bucket trucks and 30 load & haul trucks to help clean up the Ice Storm in SC. 

Breezy Point NY (Sandy)


DMS Site Management.

During Hurricane Sandy we cleaned up Breezy Point as well as provided 150 long haul trucks to transfer millions of cubic yards of debris to the permanent disposal site. 

DMS Management & Grinding


Managing debris reduction sites and providing grinders to reduce debris is part of our specialty. We can provide tub and horizontal grinders to meet the volume demands of any job. 

Jackson County MS (Katrina)


As a CH2MHill contractor, we hauled, set and made ready 3000 temporary housing units in Jackson County MS

Debris Load & Haul


Load & Haul equipment comes in various shapes and sizes. Our asset list includes Double Barrel Self-loaders, lightning loaders and dump trailers. We can move 50 thousand cubic yards of debris per day.  

Leaners & Hangers


Bucket Trucks are an important part of most disasters. We have 75 trucks that can be on site ready to work within 48 hours of "Notice To Proceed"

Our Leadership has years of experience responding to our county's disasters. Government Agencies as well as Private Entities. 

We provide Contract Management as well as Self Performance on every type of Disaster. 

          *Temporary Housing*   *Debris Clean-up*    *Leaners & Hangers*   *Turn Key Base Camps*

                                                              *Transportation & Logistics* 

  • Wood Waste Management
  • Erosion Control
  • Wetlands Protection
  • Snow Removal
  • Utility Right of Way Clearing
  • Underground Utility Installation
  • Heavy Civil and Highway Work
  • Hauling Equipment
  • Tub and Horizontal Grinders
  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Ability to bond every job

Hurricane Katrina, (MS) The BP Oil Spill, (FL) Tornados, (AL) Hurricane Sandy, (NY) The Ice Storm, (SC) Hurricane Matthews, (NC) Harvey, (TX) Erma, (FL) Flarence (NC) Maria, (FL) Michael (FL)